Things That Bug Me Vol. 2

Because I have nothing better to do, here’s another list of twenty things that bug me in this world.

Enjoy learning about my annoyances(:

1. People who upload too many photos of themselves. Especially when they look the same in EVERY photo, they just took it at a different angle or with a slightly different expression.

2. When people say things like ‘Do it. I dare you!’ Oh you dare me? I didn’t know we were still 12.

3. Country singers who whine too much in their music.

4. Young girls who dress like twenty year old sluts. If you’re under 17, you shouldn’t be showing anything. You’re a child. Crop tops, obvious cleavage shirts, and cut off booty shorts should not be a part of your wardrobe.

5. When chewing gum loses its flavor in two minutes.

6. When the cinema isn’t packed at all and there’s plenty of seats everywhere, but someone still decides to sit in front of you. And sometimes you’ve already claimed that the seat in front of you is also yours because you have your feet up on it and they STILL try to sit there…. Wtf are you doing.

7. When people tell me a long story and the story has no point.

8. People who talk to me about their religious beliefs.

9. When girls like guys who look like girls. Why? Just like girls then.

10. That idiot loser who drives down my quiet neighborhood street at 3 in the morning with their shitty stereo system blaring music like no one’s around.

11. Little kids trying to argue with me. Lol BRING IT ON.

12. When I accidentally wrinkle my music posters.

13. When girls are overly obsessed with a band member or actor that they will most likely never fall in love with. But they pretend to be married to them and use their last name and like everything that they like. I mean, I can see if you’re 13 and under or a tween, but if you’re older than that it’s just weird.

14. When people call out ‘shotgun’ and fight over who gets to sit there. Guaranteed if someone yells out shotgun and I’m the driver, your ass is riding in the trunk.

15. When there’s one little snack left in the whole box and a family member still leaves the entire box in the pantry.

16. Those people who just agree and go along with whatever you say. It’s like they don’t have their own opinions or thoughts on anything. I’d rather eat my arm off than talk to you.

17. When people have expectations for me. Stop.

18. Parents who name their children something other than a human name. Like Mercedes, Precious, Diamond,  Destiny, or Patience…

19. People who think I wanna share my food with them. Uhm no. There is no ‘we’ in ‘food.’ Get away from me.

20. When someone calls out my name, I look over at them, and they CLEARLY have my attention and they know they have my attention, but they still don’t say anything. They just look back at me as if they didn’t just call my name.

And that concludes this second list of things that bug me.

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