Bunionectomy Post Op: Stitches Removed

Today at 9am was my second doctors appt since my surgery. I got my stitches removed and new dressings(: My doc undid my previous dressings and took a look at my foot, told me everything looks perfect and that I’m healing really fast, and then began removing my stitches.

Removing them didn’t hurt, but I could feel a couple of them sliding out, which was cool. Then she just put some clear antibiotic cream over the incision and wrapped it back up with some new dressings. Then I put my boot back on and that was about it.

My next appt is next Wednesday, for another follow up.

Here’s some photos from today.


Here’s the dried blood glob that’s under my skin from when the splint was digging into me. It looks much bigger now just cause all the blood is dried. It doesn’t hurt, if anything, it’s like having another layer of super protective skin since it’s hardening over.


And here’s my foot with the stitches still in. The stitches are blue.


And here’s after the stitches were removed. The shiny stuff is the clear antibiotic cream thing she put over it.

My foot looks sooo good. I’m so impressed and satisfied with the job done. I just wish I could heal super duper fast.

I asked my doc and she said absolutely no weight bear for six weeks, so another three weeks of no walking. Grrr. But she says that after that six weeks, when I can start walking again, she thinks I won’t have any problem getting back on my feet and doing things without a problem. Which was a delight to hear. I really just want to be on my feet again. Not run a mile or anything, but just to be able to walk and leave the house.

Other than that, there’s not much to share about the status of my foot. No pain, no pressure, no worries, swelling is going down fast, and everything is healing properly.

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One response to “Bunionectomy Post Op: Stitches Removed

  • aussiebirder

    You must find it frustrating having to lie about for so long. It seems strange that such a sweet and beautiful person would get bunions, I guess we all inherit our various stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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