Bunionectomy Post Op: Week 3 and Muscle Atrophy

This Friday, the 17th, will be week 3 post op since my bunionectomy and osteotomy and I feel fantastic! Everything feels great with my foot. I’ve been doing my toe stretches a lot and I can move all my toes by myself and curl them and lift them up, along with lifting up my entire foot and rolling it, all with no pain and no struggle. The swelling is going down and my once sausage toes are slowly going back to normal size. Swear, I think I’m healing soooo fast. Much faster than my doctor said it would take. But I’m young, I should be healing faster regardless.

Now, something that I absolutely DREAD, which is inevitable in this situation anyway, is freaking MUSCLE ATROPHY 😡 Muscle atrophy is the loss or decrease in mass of muscle tissue.

In other words, I have no freaking muscle in my right calf at all and it’s noticeably smaller than my healthy, toned left calf. It’s actually starting to show in my right thigh as well because when I look at my thighs together, the right one definitely is a tad smaller.

It DISGUSTS me that my right calf is literally just all flab and fat. You can feel it when you touch it. It just feels like you’re holding a gooey glob of fat. It is disgusting and I hate it.


This definitely isn’t the best picture, but you can kinda see how my right calf is smaller than my left.

Once I can get back on my feet, I’m definitely gonna have to work out my legs again. I really love my calves and just my legs in general, so this is a big bummer for me.

I’m so eager to get back on my feet and start learning to walk again. I feel pretty confident in my foot that I could probably start walking next week, which would be a little over three weeks. But I have to talk to my doctor and see what she says. My next appointment to see her is tomorrow morning. Maybe if she sees how well my foot is doing and if I tell her I can move it freely, she might give me the okay and have me start walking early. She even told me that since I’m young, I’ll heal a lot faster, compared to the average recovery time she gave me. Hopefully I can be on my feet in no time.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss life. I miss being outdoors, I miss interacting with people, I miss going to shows, I haven’t seen the sunrise or sunset in weeks, and I just really miss everything.


8 responses to “Bunionectomy Post Op: Week 3 and Muscle Atrophy

  • Brent

    fast recovery is always a good thing…! be happy for that!
    (did I mention i lost 2.5cm off my thigh (circumference) from the time I tore my ACL to the surgery date… that was one month!)
    It will all come back soon though, just keep doing the rehab, since it’s your legs, and if you do them all properly, you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting the tone back! I actually ended up getting injured leg healthier/toned better than my other leg! lol ..oops!)

    • aliapplejack

      Wow! Lol I hope I can get my leg muscles back even healthier and stronger than before! That sounds awesome.
      I definitely will work at it once I’m able to start walking. I just hate that my leg is getting smaller. I’m already a small person, I don’t need to be losing any mass! x)

      • Brent

        yea, I’m not exactly a big person either… and losing muscle is the last thing I thought of!
        but yes… rehab, rehab, rehab… but like I said, legs are easy…. cuz, well, you know, you walk everywhere so….

      • Brent

        i suppose if you do your other foot, both will atrophy… then you could just build them both up …kind of from the beginning! lol.. wait, that’s not funny.
        are you going to do the other one soon??

      • aliapplejack

        Oh god, that would suck building them both up at the same time. I imagine myself barely being able to hobble around and being dramatically hunched over because of the atrophy or something x)
        But yes, after this foot is healed and I can fully walk on it, I’ll be getting the other one done at my doctors earliest appt. But that won’t be for at least a few months.

      • Brent

        it will probably take at least a good 6 months to a year to be fully recovered… i mean your muscle tissue. Since I had some invasive surgery, (taking out a tendon, and using it as a new ACL in my knee), it took at least 9 months for the knee to heal… and I lost some feeling in my shin, and I don’t think I’ll ever regain complete, 100% strength of my leg, granted they did take out TWO tendons from my hamstring… which they didn’t need to..
        oh well… i can walk, run, do just about everything I need to do. without complaining too much! lol

  • Ron

    Thanks for following Photomania. You have quite a story there. My wife had foot surgery recently and is still recovering from that. Healing can be a long process, especially when it involves an active part of the body like a foot, knee, etc. Physical Therapy is part of the recovery. The body doesn’t like invasive surgery. Good luck.

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