Random Rant… #3

I went outside today(:

That sounds kinda dumb since most people do that anyway, but I haven’t been outside in almost two weeks. Mostly because it’s hard for me to get outside on my own because I’m still on my knee walker. It’s such a sad feeling for me because I LOVE being outdoors. I don’t even have to be doing anything, I just wanna be outside and not stuck in the house. Most of the time, before my surgery, I just sat outside in front of my house and enjoyed the weather but I can’t really do that anymore. It sucks.

But today my dad was home to help me get outside, and man I was almost tearing up. I sound so lame x) But I just enjoy being outdoors so much so it really means a lot to me to just go sit outside. It was a beautiful day and the weather was beyond fantastic and I got to watch the sunset… kinda. I couldn’t see it from the top of my driveway since I usually stand in the street to watch it, but I could see the clouds change their colors.  I obviously couldn’t get up to take a photo, but it was beautiful.

I did, however, take a photo of the scene in front of me.


A simple view, but still very enjoyable(:

Hope everyone had a great Saturday(:

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