Mum’s Day


‘You wanna talk about mothers!’

Lol White Chicks x)

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to tell your mother how awesome she is and how much she means to you.

I know I consider my mother the strongest person I know and she’s definitely the most inspirational. She’s the supermom that every person deserves to have and I love her to death. So thanks mum for always being the most perfect mother in the world and teaching me so much<3 I know a lot of the time we like to get on each others nerves and purposely push one another’s buttons and piss each other off a lot, but we always know how much we love each other and we will always be there no matter what.

I made a Mother’s Day card for her last night and wrote what looked like a paragraph and gave it to her this morning. What I wrote made her tear up, which made me almost tear up x) I’m just happy she loved it.

Hope everyone treats their mothers like royalty today and everyday. They sure deserve it.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing and beautiful mothers out there!(:

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