Hello Walking Boot(:


I forgot to mention the other day that I now have a walking boot! Yay! I thought that they were just gonna put new dressings on and I’d have to wear the same splint for the next few weeks and have it be annoying and stuff. But no, they just put a thin layer of dressings on my foot and put one ace wrap around it. So no splint for me(: Just a walking boot. Which is awesome. Of course having a walking boot doesn’t mean I’m free to gallop around in it. I still can’t walk for the next five weeks; the boot basically works like a cast for me. It’s just to protect my foot for now. And it’s great because I CAN TAKE IT OFF. So I don’t have to have an extra five pounds on my leg at all times. I can just undo the velcros and take the boot off, which is perfect for doing my toe stretches. My doc says it’s good to have it on just for protection for if I happen to bump it, but it’s not required. She says the only time I absolutely have to wear this boot is when I’m sleeping. But I’m glad I have this now. It’s so much more convenient.

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