My Top 10 Favorite Progressive Metal Songs Of The Moment

Anyone who knows me knows that progressive metal is one of my favorite music genres. The instrumentals are over the top amazing and I just enjoy listening to it.

So I thought I’d share my top 10 favorite progressive metal songs of the moment. You can click on the links in the song titles to give these songs a listen(:

In no specific order, here we go!(:

1. Orion – Descent

2. Aristeia – Green Dream

3. Deely – Tilted Forward

4. Absent Distance – Inhale

5. Ceruleus – Castaway

6. Tool – Vicarious

7. Allius – Relative Matter

8. Widek – Skylight

9. Latitudes – Myth Cathexis

10. Cloudkicker – Viceroy

I love how all of these songs are so diverse and I love listening to all of them..

I also have a couple favorite progressive metal albums as well that I never get tired of and can listen to all day. These include Gru’s ‘Cosmogenesis‘ album and Redemption’s ‘Snowfall on Judgement Day‘ album. Both of these are out of this world incredible!(:

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