Bunionectomy Post Op: Day 5

There’s really not much to say about today I guess. I didn’t have any pain, nor am I reacting to meds or anything in a negative way. All is well and things seem to be going smoothly(:

Today I’ve just been doing a lot of toe and knee exercises. I already have knee and joint problems, especially in my right leg, so it’s extremely important that I take care of myself.

Since I have to keep my foot elevated, my leg is straight out in front of me for quite a while when I’m at home. My knee definitely does get a little stiff when it’s in the same position, so every hour or two I do leg lifts for ten minutes and bend my knee up and down and stretch my leg out and bring it back in to make sure my joint stiffness doesn’t get worse. And because I have about five pounds of gauze and bandages on my foot, it gets pretty heavy so my thigh muscles get a good work out as well(:

For my toes, I try to wiggle them as much as I can after I do my leg lifts just to make sure I don’t get too much stiffness there either. I was told this will happen because of my bunionectomy. There’s no need for me to do any extreme toe stretching or exercising. I just need to make sure I can still move those little piggies :3

Tomorrow I have an appointment at 9:45am to see my doctor and she’s gonna change out my bandages and I’m so excited to finally see my foot. Of course it’s gonna be all bruised, bloody, swollen and ugly, but at least my bones will be straight. And it’ll be a BIG difference. I can’t wait to see the results.

Wanna see a close up photo of my dirty toes and awesomely bloody gauze?


My bloody dirty toes. And my pinky is hiding under wraps…


Lots of dried bloooooood(:

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