Bunionectomy Post Op: Day 4

Oui. I don’t even know what to say….. Last night was traumatic to say the least. I’m sure I finally experienced the pain everyone else has been talking about. It was excruciating and it came out of nowhere. I was in tears for a good hour, which doesn’t really sound like all that long, but mixed with pain, it felt like forever. I couldn’t breathe and was seriously on the verge of having a panic attack. I just didn’t know what to do.

So basically, throughout the day I take my necessary meds and just hang out at the house and do nothing. I don’t move around too much and I have little to no pain. If I do have any pain, it’s very minor and very tolerable.

However, nighttime is a different story. I have noticed that my pain does get progressively worse at night. Last night, I did everything as directed and took my strongest pain pill before I went to sleep, which was around 8. This pill is supposed to help me sleep and take away any pain I may have throughout the night. But instead I woke up just two hours later at 10 with the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt.

The entire right side of my foot following my pinky toe and fifth metatarsal felt like it was being pulled apart and my stitches were ripping and coming undone. It felt like someone had stepped on my barely healing bones and crushed them even more to bits, and those bits were jabbing into my skin. I woke up crying hysterically because of the pain. I didn’t know what to do because I had already taken my pain pill and taking another would be an OD. I called my mum and like the crazy awesome momma bear she is, she came to the rescue and was on the phone with my doctor and took her instructions to carefully take apart parts of my bandages and move the plastic lining out of the way to let that side of my foot breathe a little.

Soon after she did that, the pain slowly decreased to the slight throbbing I normally have all day. It was such a relief.

I never want to experience that level of pain again. It was torture and I’m just glad mum was there to help take care of me and calm me down.

I just hope for a better Day 5…


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