Bunionectomy Post Op: Day 3

So it’s Day 3, post op from my bunion surgery and I think I’m doing pretty well. I was told that the first couple days would be the worst and then things would settle down. I haven’t been experiencing as much pain as I thought I would’ve, so if this is as bad as it’s gonna get, I can handle it. I guess it’s different for everyone. The pain I experienced was actually not too bad. I cried the first night because there was so much pressure building up in my foot because the bandages were on so goddamn tight. The pressure is still there but it’s not unbearable like it was the first night. It’s more of an annoyance now. Like it aches enough just to let me know that it’s there.

Right now, I can’t feel anything since I just woke up. I’ve been instructed to take my Oxycontin, EXTREME pain pill, every night before I go to bed, so it really helps combat any pain that might arise during the night. I also have Lortab for any moderate in between pain that I can take every few hours, but I’m trying to avoid the drugs as much as I can.

The biggest hassle I’m experiencing is having to go to the bathroom. 99% of the time I’m in bed, either sitting up and elevating my foot or lying down and elevating my foot. The only time I get up from bed is to go to the bathroom and holy freaking cow it sucks. I have to keep my foot up at all times or else blood will start rushing to my foot, making it feel like it’s gonna inflate, swell up and eventually burst and blow blood everywhere, and sitting down is so awkward. I make it work because I have to. But something as simple as going to the bathroom has become more of a chore than anything. But I get around it.

I sleep more than anything now, which is good and bad. My antibiotics and anti nausea meds make me so sleepy. And when I sleep, I have to sleep straight on my back since my foot prevents me from sleeping on my sides. So my back and neck hurts and things are just annoying. Hopefully I can find a way to start sleeping more comfortably again.

In three days, on May 1st, I go back to the doctors office and they’re gonna remove the bandages, clean up my foot, and wrap it back up in new dressings. I looked inside my bandages for a second and I saw all the dried blood inside and everything was BLACK. I’m soooo eager to see how gnarly my foot looks x)

And on the bright side, I can wiggle my toes :3

[Rant Concluded]

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