Random Rant… #2

Right after I typed up my last post, I fell asleep for three hours due to my pain meds that are supposed to make me drowsy. Pain meds, or any meds really, don’t normally affect me or make me tired or nauseous like they say they will, but this one was semi strong. Strong enough to knock me out for a few hours.

But yeah, I woke up, and even though I know I only slept for a few hours, I feel like I slept forever. I thought today was tomorrow!  Lol now I feel all out of whack. I woke up and looked around like it was a new day, but no. I’ve realized it’s just been a long day and it’s still Friday.

My foot was resting on a pillow the entire time, but it wasn’t at all a problem or annoying like I thought it would be. The numbness is beginning to wear off so I’m starting to feel a little bit of throbbing and pressure, but it’s tolerable. It just feels like part of my foot is on fire. That sounds worse than it really is, but it just doesn’t hurt enough to where I feel the need to take meds. I’m trying to avoid the meds actually. If I can tolerate the pain then that’s what I’ll do cause I don’t want to be drugged up. I’ll only take them if necessary.

But other than that I feel pretty good. Just a little hungry, but I’m always hungry so I guess I feel normal.

Anyway, enjoy this photo of yesterday’s sunset from the park(:


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