Random Rant…

I just wanna take a minute to rant about how unbelievably boring today was. Like, I had no one to hang out with, no one was texting me back, and I was left alone at home like ‘wtf do I do now?’ I ended up just sitting in the courtyard all day by myself with a bowl mixture of Lays potato chips, Cheetos, and Cheez Its. Whoop dee doo.

Today was more of a sit and observe kind of day I guess. While sitting in the courtyard, I saw a fly that would rather crawl on the ground than actually fly, which was strange. It had wings though, and flew up for half a second but then landed back on the ground and decided a stroll was more appropriate for him.

Then I got attacked by a hummingbird, (which I thought was a giant bee at first glance), after I watched it steal all the nectar from each of the flowers in my front yard. Again, strange.

I think the only good thing about today was that the weather was decent. Mid 70’s and breezy. I like to think I’m fine by myself, but I never really realize how much I miss hanging out with people until I actually hang out with people again. I just wish I had someone to spend the days with.

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