Family Adventure


Elephant Rock at Valley of Fire

So today was extremely fun! It was a family day and we all decided to barbecue and hang out together at Valley of Fire. We haven’t been there in YEARS so it was nice to go back and see everything again.

Hope you enjoy these photos from earlier today(:


Our chicken and ribs lunch(:



‘The Cabins’




Canyons in the scenic trail in ‘White Domes’


Now this one’s my personal favorite. It’s named ‘Balancing Rock’, however I don’t think that name does it justice. What do I see when I look at this scene? A DINOSAUR, obviously! It’s head’s turned, it’s body and long tail. Can you see it?

It should be renamed because when viewed properly, you can clearly see a dinosaur, not just a balancing rock. Unless it’s just my imagination?…

And lastly, here’s my family and I at the visitor center(:


I had a blast today with my family and I can’t wait to spend more days like today with them(:

Happy Family Adventuring!(:

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