Things That Bug Me

So today I thought I’d talk about some things that bug me. There’s A LOT of things in this world that bug me, but for now I’ll just list 2o of them(:

Here we go(:

1. When someone repeats what I just said back to me. Like if I’m talking to somebody and I say something like, ‘I don’t like raisins.’, and then some idiot looks at me and goes, ‘You don’t like raisins?’ WTF DID I JUST SAY.

2. When you’re at a four way stop and the other drivers don’t know when to go. How the heck do you not know who gets to cross the road next? Whoever gets to the street first, gets to go first. It’s not hard to figure out.

3. Babies at the cinema. WHYYY?? Nobody wants to hear your little child cry or scream or make baby noises when they’re watching a film. Get a babysitter or don’t even come to the cinema.

4. Random people talking to me in line at the grocery store. I don’t know you, don’t talk to me. I don’t care that you got avocados on sale.

5. The incorrect use of the word ‘literally’.

6. When someone interrupts you when you’re talking or telling a story. Oh, that’s cool, it’s not like I was talking or anything. Go on.

7. Asking me what’s wrong when you know that I’m upset. For me, asking me what’s wrong is probably the worst thing you could do. If I wanted you to know what’s wrong I would tell you.

8. When I’m messing with my phone and someone stands behind me and looks at what I’m doing.

9. When someone thinks they’re a basketball star and tosses something at a garbage can, misses, then leaves it on the floor. Pick that shit up. RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT GOSH.

10. Loud conversations in public places. If you need to yell at your children or argue with someone, don’t do it in a public area. Take it someplace else. No one wants to hear a loud, obnoxious conversation and nobody cares to listen.

11. When my parents constantly ask me to do things for them. Now, this is a difficult one for me. I don’t mind doing things for my parents but there’s a limit on how much I’m willing to do. But when it’s simple lazy things that they can do themselves, it gets annoying. Washing their dishes, then five minutes later bringing you a blanket, and then closing your door when you’re sitting in your room, then closing the blinds and bringing you water. NO. I’m not your fucking slave(:

12. People who take up two parking spaces. If you can’t park, you shouldn’t be driving.

13. When something I’ve been into for a long time becomes popular. I’m sure we’ve all been through this one…

14. When a close friend or relative has to have everything I have. I bought an iphone, so you had to get an iphone. I put a vibrant color in my hair, you put a vibrant color in your hair. I use a certain brand of makeup, you have to go buy it too. I like beanies and thigh highs, you go out and buy beanies and thigh highs. Stop copying me.

15. People who say ‘you know’ too much. You know?

16. When people walk too close to me. All this space and you choose to be right next to me? Really??

17. Socks and sandals…. or flip flops. Why don’t people understand that they DON’T look good together?

18. Guys that cross their legs like girls. Resting your ankle on top of your knee is fine but don’t cross your legs one over the other.

19. When people don’t know what looks good on them. If you’re fat, you shouldn’t be wearing leggings. No one wants to see your lumpy leg meat or deformed butt cheeks. If your super skinny, you shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans… or tights. Your toothpick legs don’t look good.

20. Being stared at for longer than 3 seconds. Staring at me any longer than that is just awkward.

And that’s just a quarter of things that bug me x)

What bugs you?

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