Let’s Be Adventurous!


Today, my bro and I decided to go for a little adventure since it was beautiful outside. Sounds odd, but we went for a walk, in the desert, where no civilization lies. Total weirdos I know. But I actually had a lot of fun! It was pretty cool because there were tons of areas to explore and just mess around in. Before going down to the wash, we saw a random giant sewage tunnel and stopped to rest and take pictures.



After a while of messing around and exploring the area, we found some really awesome hidden coves. Of course, dumb kids also found the area and spray painted the dirt walls with ridiculous comments and drawings. Although, I did think the robots were kinda cute x)




My day was filled with random fun and adventure. It’s the little things that I enjoy the most sometimes. It was nothing too special, but going out for two hours and just exploring something new was fun for me. I enjoyed just being outdoors and hanging out(:


Happy Adventuring!(:

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