Truth in Honesty and Lies

Sometimes when you tell the truth, you get in trouble. Sometimes when you lie, you get away with it. Everyone should know, consciously, that lying is wrong. It can ruin relationships, destroy trust, and leave you with absolutely no one. However, telling the truth can be hard. You don’t want to sound too blunt, or harsh, or just sound like a jerk. And somehow, there’s always that little fear in the back of your mind that your honesty will backfire on you and just get you into trouble. You begin to feel like honesty is your enemy and that lying is your only way out of it.

No one is 100% honest all the time. With lying, you should know when it is appropriate and necessary to tell a little lie in order to avoid a situation. With honesty, you have to know when it is okay to tell someone everything they need to know, and when to hold back a bit. It’s okay to do that. Truth is, the world can’t function without lies. Lies keeps things interesting and keeps interaction going. We all lie for various purposes given the scenario. But most of us lie to avoid conflict.

‘You look great in that dress.’

‘Yes, mother, my room is clean.’

‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes.’

These are the kinds of lies I feel are alright in order to avoid SMALL conflict. But it’s when people come up with a lie, then have to come up with a supporting lie, and then another lie to go along with it just to save themselves. And then soon enough they start to believe their lies and that the lie is what actually happened. Then they’re just caught in a big web of lies and what now? Are you gonna start telling the truth? Or just lie some more? Little white lies are fine, but when you lie, and know that it could potentially be disastrous, YOU SHOULD NOT BE LYING.

My motto on the matter is ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’ Your life and your business isn’t anybody’s business unless they ask you. But if you have no reason to lie about anything than don’t lie. All you’re doing is setting yourself up for potential disaster. Honesty may be hard, and in your heart and mind you know it’s right, but only you get to choose whether you want to be honest or dishonest. It’s YOUR decision. No one can make you lie.

I like to consider myself an honest person and people have always considered me to be honest. Not that I don’t lie at all, but there’s the few people that I would never lie to, the main people being my parents. Family is everything to me and I wouldn’t dare doing anything to lose their trust.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy, but neither is lying. I’m sure everyone has their own different opinions on honesty, these are just my views.

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