Are you odd like me?

I consider myself odd in a lot of ways. Everybody is a little odd at some point. I’ve taken the time to write up a list of things I think make me somewhat of a weirdo. And if you also do some of the following, I would consider you an odd human being and we should probably be friends.

1. I eat the inside of my cheeks. It’s weird and random but I do it all the time. Whether I’m anxious or not, it’s a bad habit I’ve formed. And it’s not just my cheeks, I’ll eat all the skin on the inside of my mouth .__.

2. I always leave a little bit of food left on my plate. I don’t know why but I never like to eat ALL of my food. I like to leave just a tad of it there for no reason x)

3. I prefer white chocolate over milk or dark chocolate. White is much sweeter and tastes more milky than milk chocolate does. They should switch names.

4. I think my stuffed animals have feelings. And I always feel bad if they fall off the bed and hit the ground cause it looks like it hurts xD

5. I love forks. I use a fork for everything. Spoons are just awkward and I don’t like to use them. Same with bowls.

6. I like lying down on the floor more than lying on my bed. And my bed is extreeeeeemely comfortable ._.

7. I like to play out normal, everyday scenarios in my head and try to imagine what they would be like if they were super gory and dramatic. Like, where people are walking down the street and suddenly die and get their heads ripped off their shoulders by explosions or something.

8. When I really like a new song I’ll listen to that song for like 2 weeks straight. Literally it will be the ONLY song I listen to xD

9. I have an abnormal hatred towards cats. I don’t just dislike them, I HATE them. I hate them so much just thinking about them makes me upset tbh.

10. I’m extremely emotional. It doesn’t take much for me to start tearing up. But I almost never cry because I’m sad. I’m actually never really sad. I only cry when I’m really frustrated or angry.

And that’s why I’m a weirdo.


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