Dream State


I’ve been waking up and remembering a lot more of my dreams lately and I wanted to share one. It’s pretty random. I had this dream the morning of February 15th.

The dream started off with me walking around outside in a giant courtyard. From what I could tell, it had a big fountain right in the middle and lots of trees and plants decorating the surrounding area; but then again it was already pitch dark outside and every thing was looking faint. I don’t remember what I was doing really, but then I came up to a massive building that I was apparently looking for. I had never seen it before, but somehow in the dream I knew it’s what I was looking for. I stepped inside the building and all that was there was a big empty white room with elevators in the corner. No front desk, and no furniture at all, just plain white walls and elevators. I went straight for the elevators and took it all the way to the top floor. There was like some weird reunion going on with all the people I ever went to school with. I saw people I remember from 3rd grade and people from junior high and everyone that went to my last high school. It was mandatory to attend but I didn’t want to. I didn’t care about any of these losers then and I don’t care now. Of course, I found the one friend I had in high school and we stuck together. We ditched the reunion and left to go to a nearby casino that had a cinema. We actually didn’t end up seeing any movie, instead we got lost and couldn’t even find the casino.

Then somehow we ended up at a random venue and everybody was running towards it and rushing in. We didn’t know what was going on but we decided to join in on the runnings. Lol. We ran up to the doors of the building, which were open, and just ran right in. When we got inside, we realized we were at an N*Sync concert with Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. Lol. At first we were like WTF, but hey, we like them(: So we stayed. We were seated right in the front middle of the venue and had to be locked in to our seats. When the show started, our seats began to move slowly from side to side. We were sitting in what seemed like a big pendulum. It swayed us from side to side and it was actually really fun. In the dream I didn’t find any of this unusual at all, like it was all normal or something.

All of a sudden the dream jumped scenes and I was walking outside again. But not in the courtyard this time. I was in the woods, almost lost.


I really didn’t know what I was doing…. I was just walking. And I was alone. I remember looking up for a minute to see the sky and all I saw was black. Pure black, not a single star was in the sky. Again, I didn’t find this unusual, even though in the woods I would normally be able to see twice as many stars than in the city. I walked further into the woods and saw a green tree far in the distance. Like the entire tree was an obvious green that stood out among the dark normal colored trees.


As I got closer I realized just how massive the tree really was and recognized it by name. It was a giant sequoia. I walked up to it and then ended up walking right through it. Like it wasn’t even there. I came out on the other side to a completely different scene. Now I was in my bedroom, and a guy I’ve never seen before, or at least don’t recall seeing before, was sitting in my room. He obviously knew me and who I was, and apparently, in the dream, I knew him too. Let’s name him Jack. So Jack and I talked for awhile about a lot of things. We had a lot in common and shared the same interests. This guy was like the PERFECT dream best friend. At one point he asked me about my family but I don’t remember what about exactly. Then, he was gone. Just vanished. I left my room and walked into my living room and kitchen completely unfurnished. Everything was gone. All that was there were the walls and tiles, both the darkest shade of black. I looked around for my family but they were no where to be found. They had vanished as well. But how long were they gone? Did they vanish as soon as I stepped out of my room or had they been gone long before then? Or were they just never there to begin with? I rushed to the front door and slipped down into a tunnel slide. Lol, a long, winding, park slide. I got to the bottom but it was blocked off completely to where I was trapped and stuck inside. I freaked.

And that was the end of the dream. I woke up kinda freaked because I’ve had multiple dreams where I’ve gotten trapped inside of a slide with a closed bottom and I couldn’t climb back up or kick the bottom open so I could get out, and I always ended up just trapped. And the rest of the dream was just random and weird.

Going back to the quote in the beginning, it got me thinking. Do we escape to an alternative reality when we dream? How do we know which world really is dream and reality? What if our dreams are actually our reality and our so called ‘everyday life’ is just the dream state we go to every night and everything we know is just a big everyday dream? What if everything we think we know is backwards and we’re really awake and living when we’re dreaming? Or what if they’re both reality?

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