Beauty at the park


For my first post I thought I’d share what I did yesterday. Well yesterday was a very beautiful day in Vegas so I wanted to spend it outdoors. I also spent the day with one of my favorite people in the whole world, my cousin Keirii(: We walked to the park right outside my neighborhood and were goofs, as usual. We talked about randomness, walked around and explored, laid in the grass, took derp photos together, and I had my first encounter with a ghost hole in the grass x) It was weird…

But other than that strange incident, the day was pretty damn awesome. The weather was just beautiful. A mid 60’s degrees, scattered clouds and a light breeze was pretty much it. The both of us got excited when we heard an ice cream truck come by but neither of us had money ._.





Just moments after I encountered the ghost hole(:


Massive turtle

Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club??

You know, after walking around for the short amount of time that I did, (about an hour and a half), I’ve realized just how out of shape I am. It’s crazy. I may be a tiny little thin person, but man I’m so out of it. I can’t even walk across the street without getting winded! That’s pretty bad. And after walking back home and relaxing in my room I noticed how sore my legs were. Weak! Weak is what I am. Lol I should really exercise more and be healthier… yeah I say that, but it probably won’t happen. I’m not much of an ‘exercisey’ person. I mean, I do like to dance around my room to get some cardio in I guess, but that’s it. It’s enough for me x)


Last, but not least, meet my beautiful cousin Keirii(:

You can also find her on instagram.

She’s super awesome, super nice to talk to, and she’s basically my other half. We enjoy being weird together and having random laugh attacks. Sometimes we’ll just look at each other and start laughing. I don’t know if it’s because we always have a good time together or because we look like derps at all times… lol. Either way, it’s always a fun time and I really just love having her around. Whether we’re going out to dinner together and shopping, or just sitting in my room watching tv, I love the moments we get to see each other. She’s my cousin, sister, and best friend. And I’m just glad we can make up for the times we couldn’t spend together as kids. Love you cuzster(:

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